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Finger touch spring

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It is also called canted coil spring,spring contact finger, and contact finger spring.

The spring contact finger is a ring spring, which can transmit high current in a small space and can also be used as a pure mechanical connection. There are no restrictions on its use, and it is suitable for use in a variety of static or dynamic medium and high pressure environments. It can be used in the new energy electric cars, charging base stations, wind turbines, power supplies, high-speed trains, heavy trucks and so on.

The wire coil is elliptical and inclined. When compressed, each coil will deform independently. No matter which part of the coil deforms, the entire spring will react to achieve the same load on each contact point. . The size of the oblique coil contact finger and the independent number of coil turns make the spring suitable for various electrical contact designs, and use a larger contact point as the current-carrying capacity for electrical or EMI shielding. Each coil will independently compensate for contact and surface changes, which allows for wider tolerances between accessories. Multiple contact points increase conductivity, and its operating temperature is relatively low, so it has a longer service life. Spring finger technology is used for power contacts in various industries.



Product Name:contact finger spring/ canted coil spring/finger touch spring

Wire diameter: 0.10-2.0mm

Size:please check attached files(can customized)

Surface treatment:Silver plating; Gilding; Nickel plating

Material:copper alloy,stainless steel etc

Plating specifications and materials can be customized according to customer requirements


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